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Insurance Company Repair Estimates

In Florida, we're noticing in the process of filing an insurance claim on your roof; insurance carriers want to repair rather than replace the roof. While in some cases this is understandable, in many cases the roof is too old or too damaged to perform quality repairs. If a shingle is oxidized and brittle, it will rip and tear when you handle it. As you're trying to remove nails to perform the repair, you're doing damage to the surrounding shingles. For this reason, local contractors many times don't want to perform the repairs issued by the carrier. This creates a predicament where nobody wins except the insurance company. Many times in this scenario, a contractor can attempt the repair on video and show the carrier that it can't be done properly and they will issue payment for a full replacement. Unfortunately, it's not always that simple. Many times the carrier will continue to drag out the claim. Sadly, the claim may end in litigation of the repair test doesn't work. Although they would like you to believe the crisis we face lays solely on nefarious roofers; this just simply isn't the case. If you have a "roofer" knock and your door, don't sign anything. If a roofer won't give you an estimate, DO NOT HIRE THEM.

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